Monday, April 6, 2009

Working in Vineyard

Beeing a poor girl I am, i went working with Thea to vineyard last weekend. It was lot of fun. There was only five of us, all girls. I was youngest of them other mostly just mature ladies.
When sun was leaving all women left cooking dinner for their husbands or something and only we with Thea stayed there. We finished another two lines of trees (to clean up around and cut dry branches). It was very warm so you can imagine how after whole day working my bra-less white t-shirt looked like :-).
The vineyard 50 something janitor came and sit next to us. Looked at me and said, that i must really like it here, that sadly he doesnt see so many nice things around like us :-).
I leaned back, smiled and asked what he likes?
He started to blush a bit, maybe even more than me, and said: " You know, such nice young ladies like you two, especially in hot weather like today was". This was something for Thea so she asked him if he likes more my shirt or my shorts :-D. I almost felt down from the wall i was sitting on :-D. She is sometimes so bad girl. He said that he was examining both for long time and found them very nice. I had to start laughing. I tried to steer it away by saying, yes it is nice color... But he didnt wanted to stop i guess, so he said that we have nice firm bodies :-). I blushed a lot. Than I told him that i really like it there, very silent and romantic and that would like to maybe shoot there my next calendar. He loved the idea and was all full of ideas to make sure i want him as help :-D probably.
So this is what i will do in next two or so months. Probably. Have yet to process it in my head. But thinking about it more and more, i really want to do it. Also the fact that we got 21 of 0.7l of very good wine as gift with salary, will probably make sure that it will stay in my head until i will do it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Butt is winning the poll?

Now i know why guys turning behind me even when they miss the face :-), glad I am training mine butt at least hour a day :-D