Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jesus loves Madonna?

I know I am late to the story, but I dont follow media really much (if at all). But when i read somewhere that Madonna dates some guy named Luv Jesus?
I mean, come on, that even our weird life cannot come up with that, right? Even the age would fit though :-).
So question is, what do you do when you are alone, you two? Couple of mother/son kisses on evening?
Never mind :-), at least they will win the most religious couple of hollywood which is not aproved by Pope award.
Still love some her songs though

Teasing my Roomate

Today i decided to tease my Roomate Thea because it was an order from my remote morethanafriend. We are sometimes silly as that, yes, so he gives me orders and I have to do it and describe it to him.

As instructed i went to my bed. Thea was outside for some shopping and to take a cigarette break. I left the doors open and already bathed and ready to go to sleep. I opened curtains on my window (i love looking outside) a bit and laid on the bed. putted sheets over me and took my friendly BOB out :-) , the smaller one. I left it on minimal speed (he is quite wild when on max :-). I laid with my legs wide open and started to play with my stomach. which always turns me on a lot :-). Opposite to my bed is a big mirror and i always love looking at it imagining that it is somebody else looking at me :-), i know it is pretty silly but i love it :-). I was trying to imagine what somebody watching me would go through when watching me, hidden under sheets like that :-). Than i moved my hands lower and had my first "o" after few minutes. It was pretty tough not to take bob out because i am a bit overly sensitive soon "after" but if i alive it, second comes usually very fast after another one :-).

So this whole setup was to allow Thea catch me when i am in best :-) (it happened already before few times). It went quite as planed, as she unlocked the doors what turned me on so much i had second one even faster :-). But i got immediately after that so shy, that i had to turn on side to hide what i was doing. Well that exposed my naked butt, but i put on as innocent face I only could (in which i am world champion). She came to me, with very "fuzzy" eyes, and slapped me on my butt and left. Nothing else! Well i wasnt brave enough to put my nose out of my room for the rest of the evening and in morning i tried to act as nothing happened. She still was a bit "not like usual" but didnt said anything or did anything :-)

Today she is quite fine and I am also somehow able to not think about it. In few months I should recover though :-D. And try again maybe :-O

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guide to girl's mind I.

So before that xmass story... I would like to open some continuous, i would say guide to girls mind in today electronic world. Something my father probably will never understand and most probably if you were born earlier than some 1980 you wont either, but i will try to be very factual well for all our amusement...

World around chick today is surrounded by guys, friendly girls and competitor girls. You see, there are no casts for guys, because every chick is interested in all of them, of course not in same sense, but we love attention, ok? And sweet little nerdy guy in glasses who is afraid to even speak to us is even more of the interest because we sense when somebody like us and sensitive guys tend to be more loving.
Now, for many, mostly historical hysterical reasons, we need to be those being chased, and we are the treasure on this world, so we should not be available easy and we should be looking at us same as guys looking at us - that it is no big deal if you give your self to a girl, but it is a big deal if girl give her self to you. Therefor, we are trying to keep distance and hide our cheeky feelings. Not sure if it makes sense, but you are not reading Herald Tribune, so.

Chapter about Collective

In collective every chick tries to be on top of the interest, it is like a game and race at the same time. You might think we dont care, but we love attention and we love remarks about our dress. If you tell us something really cheeky, like that we have awesome butt in those jeans, we will look angry, but thinking about it all evening and longer. Making sure we have even better jeans the next day. I would kill hearing it about other girl from guy who i like though.

So as guys discussing about girl, class mate or colleague at work, she is happy. Now we love to be in your dreams (even those red rated ones) so every subtle feedback we get is cool for our dreams :-). Today it is hard to not have your photos available somewhere, so your class mates or colleagues at work will eventually see you also differently dressed than at work/school (where it should be teasing, but leaving lot to desire!). There is something special about colleagues and people you spend a lot of civil time with, but not being involved with them emotionally. For both sides.

At school i was very very silent shy girl, but loving photography i had few snapshots of my self or my friends here and there and it is awesome to watch those reaction from people knowing you so different.
About stunt i did when i was leaving school i will tell next time. Just let me tease with that the experience forced me to make my own homepage and when i started to work, i shared that website with those who asked. And they shared it between them and so on.
My first website was pretty innocent, but i had there some vacation pics in bikini and couple of very romantic shots with reduced dress effort (all very covered, just my rule of not wearing a bra was affecting it a bit :-) ). It got complete hit with my work colleagues and ex school mates, it was unbelievable. Other girls hated me, honestly, but i never had many friends between average girls anyway so i dint cared much. They loved me and was talking a lot to me and about me. I loved that attention and the comments made me blush so often, i had to repeat some comments like billion times then at home, playing with my self thinking about what others thinking about me. They started to pierce my tight clothes even more then they did from start and was very happy from any attention i returned back. I was like everybody's pet in the office. Well except my female boss and couple exceptions, but...

More next time :-)

What do you guys think about when seeing your work colleague or class mate pics on web?


Finally i got my password after horrible PC crash.
The crash was not really all that horrible, horrible was experience with getting it fixed.
Specially the part where he was curious what D:\data\private\photos means...

Well I alived it just fine, he I think gained some new experience about differences between girls and boys and I have some fixed PC :-).

And thank You mr Unknown for still reading :-), it feels fine :-))) Going to post soon!