Saturday, November 1, 2008

Genius Ad idea

I was driving in the train and got this genius idea for an Ad. It would be ad for car, some pseudo sports car, like Opel Speedster or so:

All excitement You will ever need in your life™, packed in cutest 3m 1,5ton box!
All fun You will ever need in your life™, from 19990Eur!

Cool or? If You, car manufacturer, want to license it, let me know. It would not be cheap, but would drive people insane rushing to your dealers! Hey look father, I can use also my brain! (ok ok i know it was not really convincing)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Unbelievable Cheeky

While not really a chick, but boys, this is the real definition of cheeky. Must have been really surprising for those visitors :-). P.s. It is not me :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does anybody know...

... how to check if blog is read at all?
I would love at least comments otherwise it is boring to write something which is not being read at all :-(.

Today was again so warm. I was out only in skirt shoes and shirt (no joke) which is like naked in this side of Germany. I got one business card from some very weird businessman who was trying to help me find my lost heel (cheap chicks are not sexy, have to remember that). He didn't found it, probably because he was all time looking at my skirt and nipples and half-see through shirt...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flower was indeed from him

Oil delivery guy called later evening and asked if we need some oil .-). I told him yes, in about a year again. He was audibly sad. I asked about the flower and he confirmed it, i told him that i will remmember it and found it very nice...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Oil Delivery Guy

I volunteer today to be the one who takes a day off and will wait for our heating oil delivery. Thea never really liked that guy anyway (he was mosly looking at me :-)) and I also have more free days left.
I of course once she left I got bath and than started panic about what to dress for such important occasion and after abou half a hour of changing dress and accessories, choice fallen to short red bathrobe and silk towel on head .-). I chose some ugly thick socks (with one hole even on right dummy finger) to really look like not prepared (we dont want him to think i did it on purpose, right?).
It was long three hours which i spent mostly thinking all possible scenarios around (which all ended in bed or on table :-) and when I was rethought about everything, the door bell rang. I messed my hairs a bit in front of mirror and went nervously to open the door downstairs in public hallway.
I excused about that he surprised me (of course) and led him to basement where tank is stored and unlocked the room so he can fill the tank. Than i told him that i will wait upstairs for bill and went up. I couldn't overlooked how this thirty something guy was looking up my legs as I was slowly walking upstairs.
I left the doors open and waiting if he would come up that i can execute my other hidden plan (that he would see me in bra and shorts) but he didn't came. So I took bra on me and shirt with front opening and sat by table and was reading some boring newspapers. He came up in about 20 minutes and opened doors by knocking on them. I was sitting on chair with one leg up holding my knee and reading. I stood up as he came, smiled and asked about some bill details. He started to write the bill and I eyeballed a bit because it was even more expensive than i thought (5 cents per littre more) and neighbours expected as well. I asked about it and he went sad a bit, explaining about price changes day to day etc. All the time looking to my lips and shirt, i think if i would ask him if i wear glasses he wouldnt know. Than something came out of his mouth. "Lady, if I would ever get to see Your boobs I would be in all heaven." I laughed nervously (it was a shock and in reality it is always harder than in dreams!) and making fun told him, that I can show him my new bra if he would charge us price per littre as if we would take all 5000 littre (difference was about 300Eur at that time) even though we took only 1200l.
He all darkened in face and rewrote the bill! Now what? I was not really expecting it (or was hoping he wouldnt do it!). I started to blush as well incredibly and opened the shirt. Blood filled my head so i hardly heard what he said (something as wow i think :-) and than i closed the shirt and much relieved asked if he liked the bra. He said that BH was indeed nice but more liked something else .-)). I started to feel a bit bad about that now it is gone and he lost almost 300 Eur but thanked him with cute smile and told him to have a nice day. He all in dreams left the flat and said "see You next time".
Than I had to think about it all day until Thea came back. When asked about the price, i told her "don't ask" and smiled. Neighbours was also very surprised, but were happy nevertheless .-).

I later got a flower in our mail box, I assume it was from him. My cute Oil delivery guy...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sex Tapes and Celebrities

I read in a local tabloid that in Europe 30% couples recorded them self on camera during having sex. Of course that is another statistic pulled just out of somebody's pocket, as always, but I would assume that almost all couples who are happy with them self would do that.
I mean, we record our self during holiday, crappy birthday parties, almost all the time, so why not during the most cool thing on the world?
I have tapes from all three relationships I had, but was smart enough to stole tapes once I got feeling that I am not loved enough. Actually in all my relationships I was the one who came up with the idea (in one case i even needed to almost begging!) so I owned the copyright anyway :-).
So when You will read another story about celeb having a sex tape, just think about that all have one, only some want to publish it. :-)
Please share in Your comments if you recorded such video and if You needed to convince Your partner or You was told to do it :-).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cheeky Chicky at Work

I work in post office caring for big post customers (mainly companies). It is very boring job but I tend to spice it time to time to my self, my co workers and of course my customers. You will read about all my high jinks here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My hobbies are photography, music and sport.

I love to photo my self, naturally and my surrounding, nature as well.

Music, I like Apollo 440, Republica, Chemical Brothers and Pussy Cat Dolls and beat box of my neighbors when my music is a bit loud (during dancing and exercising).

From sport it is indoor beach volleyball and swimming. I also run a lot (mainly from guys) but last months cannot really as there is no nice park nearby.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to Cheeky Blog

Welcome to my super blog. I know it is already a bit late start a blog in 2008 when everybody have at least two canceled behind him, but I had a blog earlier too, just not here :-).

So what to say for start? Sorry for my language, I am not native English speaker but I will use this blog and Your funny comments to learn more.

I am 20 something girl living in big city in Germany, at this moment with my very close female friend. I am trying to live funny life and will try to share some stories from it for Your and my amusement.

This blog is also dedicated to my very distant but close friend Tony.