Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sex Tapes and Celebrities

I read in a local tabloid that in Europe 30% couples recorded them self on camera during having sex. Of course that is another statistic pulled just out of somebody's pocket, as always, but I would assume that almost all couples who are happy with them self would do that.
I mean, we record our self during holiday, crappy birthday parties, almost all the time, so why not during the most cool thing on the world?
I have tapes from all three relationships I had, but was smart enough to stole tapes once I got feeling that I am not loved enough. Actually in all my relationships I was the one who came up with the idea (in one case i even needed to almost begging!) so I owned the copyright anyway :-).
So when You will read another story about celeb having a sex tape, just think about that all have one, only some want to publish it. :-)
Please share in Your comments if you recorded such video and if You needed to convince Your partner or You was told to do it :-).

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