Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teasing my Roomate

Today i decided to tease my Roomate Thea because it was an order from my remote morethanafriend. We are sometimes silly as that, yes, so he gives me orders and I have to do it and describe it to him.

As instructed i went to my bed. Thea was outside for some shopping and to take a cigarette break. I left the doors open and already bathed and ready to go to sleep. I opened curtains on my window (i love looking outside) a bit and laid on the bed. putted sheets over me and took my friendly BOB out :-) , the smaller one. I left it on minimal speed (he is quite wild when on max :-). I laid with my legs wide open and started to play with my stomach. which always turns me on a lot :-). Opposite to my bed is a big mirror and i always love looking at it imagining that it is somebody else looking at me :-), i know it is pretty silly but i love it :-). I was trying to imagine what somebody watching me would go through when watching me, hidden under sheets like that :-). Than i moved my hands lower and had my first "o" after few minutes. It was pretty tough not to take bob out because i am a bit overly sensitive soon "after" but if i alive it, second comes usually very fast after another one :-).

So this whole setup was to allow Thea catch me when i am in best :-) (it happened already before few times). It went quite as planed, as she unlocked the doors what turned me on so much i had second one even faster :-). But i got immediately after that so shy, that i had to turn on side to hide what i was doing. Well that exposed my naked butt, but i put on as innocent face I only could (in which i am world champion). She came to me, with very "fuzzy" eyes, and slapped me on my butt and left. Nothing else! Well i wasnt brave enough to put my nose out of my room for the rest of the evening and in morning i tried to act as nothing happened. She still was a bit "not like usual" but didnt said anything or did anything :-)

Today she is quite fine and I am also somehow able to not think about it. In few months I should recover though :-D. And try again maybe :-O


Anonymous said...

Your morthanafriend is a very lucky guy. And of course so is (perhaps moreso) Bob! :) Such a sexy, gorgeous (if your profile photo is any clue), daring girl, every boys' dream!

And certainly it's also every male's fantasy to be innocently walking down the street and observe such an event as you have descrived taking place through an open windowshade.

Sounds like possibly Thea saw more than you first thought? Or perhaps she saw nothing but your cute naked butt and the "not like usual" of the next day is your imagination?

So was your hope that she would join you and Bob? (this would be "Chapter II" of that male voyeur fantasy for certain, probably for most female readers as well, no?).

Regardless, a very sexy story. By all means, I think your other readers will join me to suggest that you try this again sooner rather than later (that is, encore!), and keep us informed!

Cheeky Chicky said...

haha, thank you.

BOB is happy yes :-), and he is kind to me :-)).

sadly nobody can walk around my window because we live in second floor, but there is some population over the street which i hope can catch my broadcasts time to time :-).
To say the truth i always wanted to live in ground level :-(.

Yes, the idea was that she would join or at least keep watching. Point was to test her somehow and experience how it feels being watched by same sex.

Will try for sure another time :-).

Anonymous said...

Well indeed your loyal readers encourage you to keep trying, and keep us promptly up to date!!

Cheeky Chicky said...

o oh, i have loyal readers?!
than it sure is encouraging :-)

Will try on weekend again probably, it have to look like "accident" :-)

gstarene said...

Oh, I have found a treasure for sure.