Sunday, June 7, 2009

New poll

I had to close poll a bit earlier because of what happened today. So there is a story behind this new poll. There seems to be more shy guys than not, especially younger ones. It sure is cute and i like it more than some machos but even though i am quite open minded i am very rarely pro active. I like to be chased and caught eventualy :-).
So situation from today. There was me standing by fence on a bridge in very very warm-friendly clothings, looking innocently cute (like a lost a dog or something). There came a guy i never seen before, stepped closer to me, gently stroked my face and kissed me on forehead. He was by far not Keanu Reeves but I was so stunned and surprised i could not move. It was so sweet! I only said wait! Didnt know what to say, but he said "sorry, I am taken but i had to". So i asked other walkbyer to take a pic of me and answered to search for cheeky chick on flickr when he asked about where can he see that pic :-).

Please pick a choice best suitable to what would you really do, not the one you would dream about doing. :-) That dreamy part you can describe to email or comments :-)


Quin & Gene said...

Very interesting story. It seems you're doing everything 'right'.

Be patient, most natural things come about very slowly.

Cheeky Chicky said...

i hope, quite missing some love in my life

MM said...

Nice story. You are a beautiful and captivating young woman, love will most certainly come to your life! ~MM